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Friday, September 2, 2011

AP Scores Update!

I am extremely pleased to announce that South Hadley High School has seen tremendous gains in AP scores and AP participation over the past year. An initiative started by Dan Smith at the high school, saw the implementation of the MMSI grant at the high school. The purpose of the grant program is to increase student participation and success in AP classes and AP exams in the areas of Math, English, and Science. Here is their website

The increase in participation since 2010 to 2012 (current school year) in the targeted areas are:

Math = 187% (23 to 66 students)

Science = 40% (33 to 46 students)

English = 202% (36 to 109 students)

The increase in qualifying scores (a qualifying score is 3 or better) since 2010 to 2011 is:

Math = 23% (17 to 21)

Science = 67% (9 to 15)

English = 74% (31 to 54)

The first part of the initiative is to motivate students to challenge themselves by taking AP classes, so we are very pleased to see such increases in our scores so early in the program's implementation. We will be having our AP kick off day at the high school soon. We will continue to work with our students to have them challenge themselves!

I will post all the AP scores to the Drive to 25 page.